If available a Courtesy Car will be loaned to customers while their car is being repaired or serviced.

We would suggest that you contact your insurance company for a cover note or just to inform them the registration of the car being used, we will ask you to sign a form with the Terms and Conditions below, please read.

"Terms & Conditions for the use of
courtesy car" from Witmun Engineering

The car is (not) insured for customers to drive. Customers can only drive the car on their own comprehensive insurance. The customer will pay for any damage on the car while in the customers care. Customers are liable for any damage to the car or third parties.

All speeding fines, parking tickets or any other fines are the responsibility of the customer while the car is in their care.
If any damage has occurred, the customer will sign a form admitting liability for the damage & the customer must contact his/her insurers immediately and arrange for the cost of accident damage repair to be paid by his/her insurers.

 Note that customers will be liable for stone chip damage or damage resulting from careless opening of vehicle doors by third parties in car parks.

Courtesy cars will not be loaned to customers who bring dogs.

The customer must verify that oil and coolant levels are normal when the car is running. If any mechanical defect is noted the car must be returned immediately